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Thank you!!!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 14, 2014, 4:12 PM
Thank you Cracked-Limbs for my awesome month of premium status!!! I.. I lub you *3* !!!!! 
Also thank you to everyone who has been doing art trades with me! <3333

Our household number has been gradually decreasing... it used to be eight people in our house. Then seven, then five, and now it'll be four. Honestly I like living with a bunch of other people (even though it does mean more conflict from time to time), so it bums me out that those days are gone. I guess it doesn't compare to the old days when we had anywhere from three to ten people in a studio, haha!

I'm currently working on two commissions~ If you ever feel like supporting a fellow artist drop me a note... I'll draw almost anything for ya >uO !! 


Commission info:
(All digital, I'll send you the large original file through e-mail!)
Flat color: $10 +$5 per extra character
Paint: $20 + $10 per extra character
Paint w/ BG: $30 + $10 per extra character
Message me here or e-mail me at!
Thanks ^_^

Vanity icon by Kiss-the-Iconist! ^3^

Box o' Lentils



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NaruButt 10 hours ago  Student Writer
Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for the watch <3
Heeee because I am checking out your writings now and they are awesome *_______* <33333333
NaruButt 10 hours ago  Student Writer
Oh my goshies! :blush: Thank you so much!
And your art is just lovely <3
TeenSmurfette 1 day ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
Hey there!! Sorry this is late xD but thank you so much for the watch and I totally LOVE your smurf art work :DD it's super smurftastic!!! :la:
I-I would love to do a Art traded with ya :3 :3

Hope your doing well and having a smurfy day x//3
Oh wow >___< Thank you so much, it means a lot that you like my works!!
Yes let's do a trade! ^___^ That would be so awesome, who would you like??? ^___^
TeenSmurfette 7 hours ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
Your very welcome :3 I really love the one of hefty and vanity and greedy and vanity xD also hefty and handy!! :D you draw them so smurfy :) aw well I do love your art work a lot :D
Yay!! OMS!! Hehe um will it be alright that you can do Adventurette and her family with Wild? X3
Maybe!! So how many are in the family and who is in it exactly ? XD also could you link me some references please? :3 sometimes if a trade request is too complicated or hard to draw I ask for another one >_< I just want to make sure I can do a good job on your draw ^3^
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Hey..! I decided to gift you a one month premium as I was kinda shocked when I saw you didn't have one..! :heart:
I figured you out of a lot of people I know deserve one! <3
what..... WHAT!!!!! OMGERD are you serious??? omg i am just... SO surprised and speechless!!! 
Thank you sooooooo much!!! ;___; wow. you're too kind, thanks so much for even thinking about me! ;____; tears of joyy
Can't believe such kind people exist, you're the best!!! >///< <333333
I'll use it well, and... yes I'll enjoy it for this month! Woohoo thank you!!! >3< <33333
It's totally okaaaay..! ;w; :tighthug:
You're way to awesome to not be a premium member, so I had to fix that immediately..! x//D <3

I hope you can use it to it's advantage..! and I'm sure as soon as it runs out by that time I'll have enough money to buy you another one.. x//D :heart:

Now you can add lots of cool custom boxes to your profile if you wanted to..! <333
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